Dark Room Print

This is a short how to video on how to make a black and white darkroom print. While not 100% in-depth, it gives a good quick overview of the process.




Kickstarted Project

This video was made to promote my kickstarter project. Following Kickstarter guidelines, the video adhered to a quick and to the point sales pitch of my project.




Frozen Typography

This time-lapse video is documenting the ice tray typeface created by graphic designer Ashley Fitzpatrick. Using frozen Jello and a studio setup, we captured the Jello thawing overnight. 




Car Mount Test

I built a car mount for a possible car video shoot for some car enthusiasts. This is a test for that mount on my super sporty Toyota Rav4. Ended up not using the mount for fear of losing my equipment on the high-performance vehicles.  



Papi Film

This film was made to honor my grandfather. He is always a character. My goal was to share his joy of life with others.





Video Art Installation

This video is a documentation of a video art installation I made. This is 4 videos compiled together to show a snapshot of popular TV and culture in the United States. Most of source material is from the summer of 2016.