Oliver Padilla is an artist currently living in San Francisco, California. He received his Master of Fine Art from the University of Arizona and Bachelor of Fine Art from California College of the Arts. Padilla has shown work both regionally and internationally. His works are often displayed as artist books and printed photographs, however he also does installations, performances, and video art. Padilla has received various academic awards including the 2016 Medici Scholar Award as well as the 2016 Albert M Haldenman Photography Scholarship from the University of Arizona. His Artist’s book, Excelsior Archive Vol.1 was a recipient of the 2016 Illustration and Design Award for best book design. The Excelsior Archive is Padilla’s largest body of work, which he started in 2011. He has continuously photographed the main street in the Excelsior neighborhood of San Francisco, tracking the visual change the neighborhood has gone through. From the rise of the recession and into the economic surge the San Francisco Bay Area has experienced. The Excelsior Archive is meant to encapsulate and show the changes in storefronts, buildings, and people who inhabit the neighborhood.